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About us


Our services are based on our client’s instructions and are being offered with extreme care for our client’s security, privacy and well being.  Our services are environmentally friendly.


We will continue to uphold our esteem and values to the highest level and remain one step ahead.

To create a culture of productivity and resourcefulness for our staff by encouraging the best ideas, suggestions and cleaning procedures to succeed.


We seek to ensure that our client’s has a spotless environment to support the work they do, enabling them to forget any worries as it pertains to cleaning

We value our employees to clean well and smart and to always listen to the needs of our client’s and to do the job they are trained to do.

Keys to success:

To be successful in any business, we must-

  • Foster an environment of employee empowerment from the genesis of operation to ensure their ability to clean thoroughly and carefully;

  • Listen attentively to the needs of the client and communicate this information effectively to staff;

  • To practice research in the use of green products;

  • We practice to remember that our cleaning must exceed our client’s expectations to be considered complete.

Jon`Wit Janitorial and Caregiver Services is a locally owned business, committed to upholding a high standard of excellence in our work.

We have been serving the Cayman community since 2006 and are committed to serving you. We are one step ahead!


Are you looking for caregiver service?

Seniors with ongoing health concern and limitations and prefers to remain in their home.  It can be challenging for the elderly to care for themselves, moreso, if living alone.  If you are looking for home care service at your comfort, let us help- that's our purpose.  With our team of dedicated caregivers, we offer an affordable and safe home care service.


Committed to Keeping Your Home/Business Squeaky Clean

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